Certified Instructors

AGC uses only industry certified instructors who bring years of experience in the Construction trades, management, regulatory and related fields.

Course categories

AGC offers a broad-range of education and training programs that provide contractors and their employees with professional development training and activities tailored to their specific needs. AGC's selection of industry-leading workshops and seminars focus on such topics as supervisory training, safety training, environmental/regulatory, legal and industrial relations, and risk management.

Course Categories


OSHA 10: Outreach Training Program
The 10-hr OSHA Outreach Training Program is intended to provide instruction on a variety of construction industry safety and health standards to entry-level participants. This course is designed for construction workers, foremen, job supervisors, and anyone involved in the construction industry. 

OSHA 30: Construction Industry Outreach Training Course
The 30-hr OSHA Construction Industry Outreach Training Course is a comprehensive safety program designed for anyone involved in the construction industry, but specifically geared for safety directors, foremen, and field supervisors. It provides complete information on OSHA compliance issues. OSHA recommends the Outreach Training Program (OSHA 10) as an orientation to occupational safety and health for workers covered by OSHA 29 CFR 1926. 

Silica Exposure Awareness
OSHA's Final Rule to Protect Workers from Exposure to Respirable Crystalline Silica (FRWERCS) is comprised of two standards, one for Construction and one for General Industry/Maritime. One of the key provisions to the final rule is to train workers on silica risks and how to limit exposures. 

This training program meets the requirements for training issued by the Statewide General Storm Water Permit Associated with Construction Activities. The training includes classroom instruction, and is concluded with a final written exam.

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Project Management

Construction Quality Management (CQM)
This two-day course is to provide CQM Personnel and Government Quality Assurance Personnel with the policies and procedures used in post-award construction. Participants who attend the course and pass the test will receive a valid certificate (good for five years) that meets NAVFAC & USACE requirements. 

Foreman's Boot Camp

Project Foremen have some of the most difficult jobs in the construction industry.  The more they know and understand about leadership, communication, planning, organization and cooperation, the more value they bring to the project team.  This program teaches many of the most important concepts and skills required to launch field level Foremen, supervisors, and lead persons to new levels of effectiveness.

Project Engineer Boot Camp
Whether you are validating current practices, in search of new techniques, or learning from the ground up, this all-day workshop covers all the essentials. From discovering the role of Project Engineers to methodically working through common tasks required for success, participants will benefit from the vast experiences of the instructors and the practical advice/work sessions offered. 

Project Manager Boot Camp
Managing the day-to-day operations of a modern construction project is a monumental task requiring industry knowledge and a management skill set that includes the ability to visualize, organize, communicate, and collaborate. This all-day intensive workshop is designed for busy Project managers. 

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Leadership & Communication

Supervisory Training Program (STP)
AGC of America's STP is a construction-specific training curriculum developed, updated and field-tested by and for contractors. Supervisory skill directly affects every company's bottom line. You make your money in the field, and STP can help you improve your organization's bottom line. The STP is made up of six different units that are three days each. The structure of the program allows for flexibility so that courses can be taught in several different formats to meet the needs of today's working professional. Units do not need to be taken in numerical order. The six STP units are:
  • Unit 1: Leadership and Motivation
  • Unit 2: Oral and Written Communication
  • Unit 3: Planning and Scheduling
  • Unit 4: Contract Documents
  • Unit 5: Improving Productivity and Managing Project Costs
  • Unit 6: Risk Management and Problem Solving
Leadership Development Training (LDT)
Designed by Contractors for Contractors, this course is an intensive, construction specific training program designed for contractors, by contractors. Taught by highly qualified industry leaders, this three day program utilizes a group-interactive format complete with real world examples and exercises. This dynamic program allows participants to expand their leadership skill set and build confidence for continued growth using three personal assessment tools:
  • Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument
  • DiSC Assessment
  • CheckPoint 360°™ evaluation 

During the course of this program, participants will also:

  • Examine the principles of leadership and discuss strategies to implement them with coworkers in the field and/or office.
  • Compare the difference between management and leadership, then learn to distinguish qualities of each. 
  • Examine and demonstrate an effective model for conflict resolution. 
  • Map an action plan for continued personal and professional growth. 


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Building Information Modeling Certificate of Management (CM-BIM)
 AGC of America's BIM Education Program (EP) creates an unmatched learning experience for industry professionals, Every BIM EP course is activity-based, with discussions, case histories, problems and exercises. Participants in BIM EP courses draw upon their field experience and learn by interaction with other from all areas of the construction industry. 

Five Steps to Fearless Negotiating
This full-day workshop teaches the concepts of "fearless negotiating" as they relate to the construction industry. Using examples from "real-job" scenarios, this fast-paced session nails down five of the most important elements of successful  negotiating and attaches tactics and strategies to each. Participants will be equipped to enter their very next negotiating session with mroe confidence than ever before.

Lean Construction Education Program (LCEP)
Lean Construction is driven to minimize costs and maximize value on each project completed, challenging all stakeholders to develop and apply better ways to manage the overall construction process. Everyone related to the constructions process has incentive to get the project done faster and at a lower cost - from the project owners who what to see tnagible results for their investment to designers and contractors who want to do their job well and move on to the next project. The LCEP consists of seven unit's that instruct all aspects of lean, allowing practitioners to benefit from these principles. 

Prevailing Wage
Projects funded by Federal and State funds carry requirements for the payment of prevailing wage to workers. Our Labor Compliance experts will provide a step-by-step process on what you need to know and what it takes to be in compliance with Sate and Federal laws and regulations. Come get your questions answered by the industry experts! This course covers the fundamentals of Prevailing Wage and all that goes into it. Labor experts and guest speakers include representatives from the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR), Department of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS), and labor legal experts. 

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