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AGC uses only industry certified instructors who bring years of experience in the construction trades, management, regulatory and related fields.

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AGC offers a broad-range of education and training programs that provide contractors and their employees with professional development training and activities tailored to their specific needs. AGC's selection of industry-leading workshops and seminars focus on such topics as supervisory training, safety training, environmental/regulatory, legal and industrial relations, and risk management.

Course Categories

Private Courses

AGC of California is focused on aligning our member-centric services to better serve you, our members. We understand that due to project schedules, the times and dates we offer our training courses doing always line-up with when your employees can attend. To help with this, we offer private courses, where our trainers can come to you at a time that fits your schedule. If you would like to arrange a private course for any of the trainings listed below, please contact training@agc-ca.org or call at 916-371-2422.

Project Management

Construction Quality Management (CQM)

The Construction Quality Management (CQM) course is the result of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and NAVFAC partnering with AGC and others to develop a consistent training and set the standards to be used in quality control. Not only will this course define what Construction Quality Management is, it teaches the difference between Control vs Inspection, and defines the responsibilities of contractor personnel engaged in QC and government personnel engaged in QA.

This course is taught by a qualified NAVFAC/USACE appointed instructor and is supplemented with DVD presentations, workbook exercises, and encourages participation through class discussions, breakout sessions, and case study exercises. Participants will be provided with a workbook.

Please note the following:

Participants are required to show a government issued ID (Driver's License, Military ID, Passport, etc...) at the start of each day, and when they turn in their test the last day. 
Electronic devices (phones, tablets, computers, etc...) are NOT allowed during class. 
This certification this course provides satisfies the CQM requirement mandated by the Army Corps of Engineers and NAVFAC for construction contracts.

This course is $375 for members, and $500 for non-members. 
Target Audience: Anyone who needs to receive/update their CQM certificate

The CQM course is currently offered:

Jan 31 – Feb 1, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, in Dublin. Click here to register. 
Mar 21 – Mar 22, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, in West Sacramento. Click here to register. 
Apr 18 – Apr 19, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, in Dublin. Click here to register. 
Jun 13 – Jun 14, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, in West Sacramento. Click here to register. 

Foreman's Boot Camp

Project Foremen and Superintendents have some of the most difficult jobs in the construction industry.  The more they know and understand about leadership, communication, planning, organization and cooperation, the more value they bring to the project team.  This program teaches many of the most important concepts and skills required to launch field level Foremen, supervisors, and lead persons to new levels of effectiveness.

Key Components:

Leading others
Planning on Purpose
Getting things done
Working with others
Costs and Productivity
Communicating with others
Scope and Change Orders

Learning Objectives / Outcomes upon completion participants will:

Know how to prioritize and face daily challenges
Have a better understanding of key processes
Have discovered the truth about respect and authority
Know how leaders engage in self-motivation and the motivation of others
Have tools to help become more organized
Be validated in many well-established practices while looking for ways to improve

This course is $250 for members, and $375 for non-members. 
Target Audience: Foremen of all levels

The Foreman’s Boot Camp is currently offered:

March 14, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, in Corona. Click here to register. 

Project Engineer Boot Camp

What must Project Engineers know and do to become truly great Project Support Specialists? Whether you are validating current practices, in search of new techniques, or learning from the ground up, this all-day workshop covers all the essentials. From discovering the role of Project Engineers to methodically working through common tasks required for success, participants will benefit from the vast experience of the instructors and the practical advice and work sessions offered.

Program Highlights:

What makes a great Project Support Specialists?
Pre-construction preparations
Benefits from Attending:
Know what your boss wants and what the industry expects from Project Engineers
Understand key processes by engaging in hands-on exercises
Get a jump start on an understanding of project requirements

This course is $250 for members, and $375 for non-members. 
Target Audience: Project Engineers of all levels

The Project Engineer Boot Camp is currently offered:

January 29th, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, in LA. Click here to register. 
June 27th, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, in West Sacramento. Click here to register. 

Project Manager Boot Camp

Managing the day-to-day operations of today’s construction projects can be a daunting task. PM’s are not only required to have extensive knowledge of the industry, but also know how to organize people, communicate effectively, and know how to collaborate. This all-day course addresses the most common elements of projects that will make or break most PM’s. It’s also instructed by someone with over 20 years of industry knowledge, because who better to instruct than someone who has successfully lived through being a Project Manager?

Program Highlights:

Build a “team dynamic” that will help to govern project flow.
Establish and work within common sense guidelines.
Enhance your operations through better project start-up and close-out.
Strengthen your system, so it accommodates the requirements of your customer.
Develop meaningful communication and negotiating guidelines and processes.
Navigate the change order process.

This course is $250 for members, and $375 for non-members. 
Target Audience: Project Managers of all levels, especially good for newer PM’s.

The Project Manager Boot Camp is currently offered:

February 12th, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, in Corona. Click here to register. 
April 25th, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, in Dublin.  Click here to register.

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Leadership & Communication


Designed by Contractors for Contractors, this course is an intensive, construction specific training program designed for contractors, by contractors. Taught by highly qualified industry leaders, this three day program utilizes a group-interactive format complete with real world examples and exercises. This dynamic program allows participants to expand their leadership skill set and build confidence for continued growth using three personal assessment tools:
  • Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument
  • DiSC Assessment
  • CheckPoint 360°™ evaluation 
During the course of this program, participants will also:
  • Examine the principles of leadership and discuss strategies to implement them with coworkers in the field and/or office.
  • Compare the difference between management and leadership, then learn to distinguish qualities of each. 
  • Examine and demonstrate an effective model for conflict resolution. 
  • Map an action plan for continued personal and professional growth. 
Leadership for and by Contractors
  • Leadership Focus: What is leadership and what is expected of a leader? This section looks at what others expect of a leader and what the individual participant believes their leadership goals are.
  • Dynamics of Leadership: What are the qualities of a leader in relationship to more natural tendencies to manage? The balance between leadership and management (particularly in an industry that uses the term "project management") is carefully analyzed to promote full understanding of expectations in relationship to each participant's current level of performance. 
  • Personal Behavior and Leadership: A profile assessment allows each individual to self-evaluate their tendencies and styles, as well as help them formulate insights into team building with individuals of similar and different styles and needs. 
  • Measuring Leadership Abilities: An assessment tool helps each participant recognize where they are in their current development, including both strengths and weaknesses. The assessment focuses on where improvements can most effectively be made to achieve the greatest impact. 
  • Leadership Strategies: A plan to implement improvement from the current level of achievement to greater levels of success. 
This course is $1600 for members, and $2100 for non-members. 
Target Audience: Managers of all levels

The Leadership Development Training is currently offered:

September 12th - 14th, from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm, in West Sacramento. Registration will open in May 2019.

Supervisory Training Program (STP)

AGC of America's STP is a construction-specific training curriculum developed, updated and field-tested by and for contractors. Supervisory skill directly affects every company's bottom line. You make your money in the field, and STP can help you improve your organization's bottom line. The STP is made up of six different units that are three days each. The structure of the program allows for flexibility so that courses can be taught in several different formats to meet the needs of today's working professional. Units do not need to be taken in numerical order. The six STP units are:
  • Unit 1: Leadership and Motivation - This course will describe the value of effective supervision of workers and improve the construction supervisor's ability to lead and motivate others. Unit 1: Leadership and Motivation is broken into the following sections:
    • The dollars and sense of people in construction
    • The role of the construction supervisor
    • Helping people perform better
    • Motivating and leading others
    • Positive feedback
    • Training and orienting crew members
    • Teams and team building
    • Leadership skills in action
  • Unit 2: Oral and Written Communication - This course presents a body of knowledge and skills that today's construction supervisors need in order to be effective communicators on their job site. Unit 2: Oral and Written Communication is broken into the following sections:
    • Effective communication
    • Learning to listen
    • Carrying on conversations
    • Persuasion, negotiation, and confrontation
    • Communicating with your crew
    • Putting it in writing
    • Meetings that work
    • Electronic communication
    • Improving communications
  • Unit 3: Planning and Scheduling - This course will help construction supervisors understand ways in which planning and scheduling saves time and money, while increasing quality in the construction process. Unit 3: Planning and Scheduling is broken into the following sections:
    • Preparing the project plan
    • Communicating the plan
    • The critical path
    • Computer use in scheduling
    • Using the schedule on the job site
    • Updating the construction schedule
    • The schedule as documentation
    • Using planning and scheduling
  • Unit 4: Contract Documents - This course will provide information about contract documents and construction law to help supervisors recognize the roles and responsibilities of all contracted parties, to develop an understanding of how contract documents can be helpful to solve problems and resolve conflicts, and to develop positive relationships between all parties in the construction process. Unit 4: Contract Documents is broken into the following sections:
    • Introduction to contract documents and construction law
    • Creating a positive environment through partnering
    • Contractual relationships
    • Contract forms and documents
    • Managing general conditions
    • Good documentation practices
    • Changes
    • Differing site conditions
    • Time impacts
    • Negotiation of resolutions
  • Unit 5: Improving Productivity and Managing Project Costs - This course covers understanding how project estimates are compiled, how to compare actual project costs with those estimated and how to control costs to meet the estimate. This course also details how productivity is measured, how the supervisor plays a major role in increasing job site productivity and how a small increase in productivity can have a significant impact on the time and cost of a project. Unit 5: Improving Productivity and Managing Project Costs is broken into the following sections:
    • Construction estimates 
    • Who controls project costs 
    • Reporting and analyzing actual costs 
    • Planning for cost control 
    • Cost control strategies
    • Labor cost variances 
    • Working with project partners 
    • Managing risk and loss potentials 
    • Cost control strategies 
    • Post-project evaluations
    • Bench marking construction productivity 
    • Improving productivity through pre-planning 
    • New skills for effective supervision 
    • Personnel management 
    • Equipment management for productivity improvement 
    • Job site productivity, planning and scheduling 
    • Quantifying lost labor productivity 
    • Record keeping, control, changes, and defect analysis
  • Unit 6: Risk Management and Problem Solving - This course will cover the roles and responsibilities of a construction supervisor in accident prevention and loss control. Unit 6: Risk Management and Problem Solving  is broken into the following sections:
    • Safety leadership, communication and expectations 
    • Planning for site safety 
    • Site safety management 
    • Site security and protection 
    • Multi-employer job site safety 
    • Construction risk management 
    • Safety and human resources 
    • Regulatory procedures, record keeping and documents
These courses are typically only offered as private courses. If you are interested in more information, please contact training@agc-ca.org or call 916-371-2422.

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Safety & Regulatory

NUCA Competent Person Training for Trenching & Excavation

This 8-hour National Utilities Contractors Association (NUCA) Certificate course features a very hands-on approach in teaching a Competent Person how to be able to manage and successfully implement their duties as a Competent Person for excavation work. This course features a comprehensive manual, certificate, hard hat sticker, and in most instances is meets the requirements for continuing education units in related fields. After this course, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate how the California State Trenching and Excavation Standard 1540, 1541, and 1541.1 is reflected in the work that is being done. The Federal Standard 1926 Sub-part P is synonymous with the State Standard and is also reviewed. Helping Contractors understand which one is likely to be used based on the work to be done.
  • Classify soil
  • Fill out daily inspection reports
  • Respond to inspectors and compliance person on the job
  • Evaluate and understand different shoring strategies based on site conditions and available equipment
  • Define shoring and general requirements in/around excavation work
This course is $250 for members, and $375 for non-members.
Target Audience: Workers with 0 to 5 years experience working in trenching/excavation 

NUCA Confined Space Entry Training

This NUCA certificate Confined Space Entry Training Program is intended to provide managers, foremen, competent persons, and workers with basic information regarding entry into confined spaces. Its purpose is intended to create an awareness of the hazards associated with confined space entry, to help workers understand the procedures that must be followed when entering confined spaces, and to provide managers with basic information necessary to establish a confined space entry program. Class features a Comprehensive Manual, Certificate, wallet card and hard hat sticker. 

This course is $250 for members, and $375 for non-members. 
Target Audience: Anyone who works in a confined space.

OSHA 10: Outreach Training Program

The number one priority of the construction industry is to make sure everyone makes it home safe at the end of the day. OSHA 10 is a two-day course that focuses on safety awareness, recognizing/reducing the risks of job site hazards, and covers the OSHA requirements for the construction industry. The OSHA 10 is intended to be a basic overview of job site safety and is the minimum level of safety training.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will receive their 10-Hour Construction Outreach course completion card and certificate. 

Course Highlights:
  • Focus on the four major hazards: Falls, Electrocution, Struck-by (falling objects, vehicles, etc…), Caught-In or Between (trench hazards, equipment, etc…)
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Lifesaving Equipment
  • Health hazards in construction
This course is $250 for members, and $375 for non-members.
Target Audience: Everyone in the construction industry

The OSHA 10 course will be offered in the spring and summer of 2019. check back soon for exact dates and locations.

osha 30: Construction Industry Outreach Training Course

The OSHA 30 course covers Cal/OSHA standards and requirements that apply to the construction industry and teaches job site safety awareness. OSHA 30 is a four-day course that focuses on hazard identification, avoidance, control and prevention. 

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will receive their 30-Hour Construction Outreach course completion card and certificate. 

Course Highlights:
  • Introduction to OSHA and Cal/OSHA
  • Managing Safety and Health
  • Walking and Working Surfaces, including Fall Protection
  • Exit Routes, Emergency Action Plans, Fire Prevention Plans, and Fire Protection
  • Electrical
  • Introduction to Industrial Hygiene
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Materials Handling
  • Hazard Communication
  • Health Hazards
This course is $500 for members, and $600 for non-members. 
Target Audience: Staff who have job site safety responsibilities. 

The OSHA 30 course will be offered in the spring and summer of 2019. Check back soon for exact dates and locations. 

Trenching & Excavation Safety

This half-day awareness course teaches participants the hazards associated with working safely in and around trenches. This training can be used as both a refresher course to brush up on standards or be used to train staff who are new to trenching and excavation work. It is also recommended for office staff that want to become familiarized with trench safety.

This course is $125 for members, and $200 for non-members. 
Target Audience: Staff with 0 to 5 years experience in or around trenches. 

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Five Steps to Fearless Negotiating

This full-day workshop teaches the concepts of "fearless negotiating" as they relate to the construction industry. Using examples from "real-job" scenarios, this fast-paced session nails down five of the most important elements of successful  negotiating and attaches tactics and strategies to each. Participants will be equipped to enter their very next negotiating session with more confidence than ever before.

Prevailing Wage

Projects funded by Federal and State funds carry requirements for the payment of prevailing wage to workers. Our Labor Compliance experts will provide a step-by-step process on what you need to know and what it takes to be in compliance with State and Federal laws and regulations. Come get your questions answered by the industry experts! This course covers the fundamentals of Prevailing Wage and all that goes into it. Labor experts and guest speakers include representatives from the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR), Department of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS), and labor legal experts. Topics covered by the seminar will include (but are not limited to) the following:
  • Davis Bacon Act
  • Define which projects are covered by prevailing wage
  • Define who is entitled to prevailing wages and other enforcement issues
  • Record keeping and friend benefit requirements
This course is $250 for members, and $375 for non-members. 
Target Audience: Those interested in learning more about Prevailing Wage requirements. 

The Prevailing Wage Seminar is currently offered:

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