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During AGC's Legislative Summit, you’ll meet with members of the legislature on issues directly impacting our industry. As part of a small team, you can share your insight and experience to shape current and proposed policies. These teams will be organized by the topics listed below. Please take some time to review the topic areas and determine which team you’d like to join! You will be asked to list your top three topic teams in priority order when registering for the event.

AGC supports common sense policies and regulations to ensure that construction, engineering, and specialty firms can deliver on-time and on-budget projects. California’s cost of doing business is extremely high when compared to the rest of the nation. Even though workers compensation costs have been declining in recent years we are still among the highest in the nation. Contractors on a daily basis are threatened with litigation for on the job injuries, ADA lawsuits, Private Attorney General Actions (PAGA) and unfounded false claims actions. This team will focus on communicating the need for sensible business-related regulations that enable sustainable business practices without unnecessary administrative burdens and continue to fight against proposals that unnecessarily increase administrative costs, expand business liability exposure, and increase insurance costs on contractors.

AGC supports a competitive bidding and construction environment for general and specialty contractors. A healthy and equitable environment in which to bid and operate is a critical factor in promoting a strong economy in the state. Additionally, traditional project delivery methods are not a one size fits all approach for today’s complex public works projects and elements of alternative delivery methods developed in the private sector should continue to be incorporated into the public contracting system. Public owners should be aware of the efficiencies, cost, and schedule savings that alternative project delivery systems can provide. This team will advocate for business practices and policy that allow for predictable and sustainable best management processes in the business of construction while incorporating the authorization of alternative project delivery tools where appropriate for public works projects.

AGC also places a high value on a harmonious, respectful, and productive relationship between themselves and their craft employees who work together daily to build California.  We oppose policies that seek to deliberately interfere with the competitive bidding process by intruding into preexisting contractual and other employment relationships which can add costs and time to projects. This team will advocate for reasonable industrial relations regulations which ensure safe and predictable workplaces, provide for employee health and welfare while also maximizing the benefits of a competitive bidding environment for project owners.  

The regulatory landscape in California can be quite onerous and is ever changing. AGC understands that regulations are necessary to both ensure structural integrity of the things we build as well as to protect the unique environmental character of the golden state.  This team advocate for the need  to balance the creation of new and necessary regulations while ensuring these regulations do not stifle progress or create unnecessary expense or exposure to our industry. 

AGC members consider safety and health on job sites as Job One. Each and every employee deserves to go home at the end of the day. Our members promote safety as a core value for their business operations and workforce. This team will advocate for policies that directly improve the wellbeing of employees and safety in their work environment, and balance the environmental compliance and risk issues impacting the business of construction.   

California is facing a significant infrastructure deficit. The passage and protection of SB 1 (2017) , was a significant step forward in closing the financing deficit in what the Federal Highway Administration has identified as California’s transportation infrastructure needs: $70 billion to modernize and fix its highway systems and $118 billion to widen its highways to keep up with growth. This team will advocate for increased infrastructure funding,  protecting existing funds from being redirected for other uses, and limit  unnecessary bureaucratic and administrative expenses from siphoning off resources.  

AGC is committed to enabling our members to engage in the necessary training to meet the changing demands of the construction workplace. We also assist our members with their future workforce development needs by promoting and providing relevant education and training opportunities designed to build and strengthen the construction industry. This team will focus on communicating the need to support a steady and skilled workforce pipeline as well as advocating on policies that make that a reality.

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